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Infrastructure Construction

  • Airport Construction Contractor
    We have developed broad cooperative relations with over 30 countries and regions. We have designed, contracted and constructed all types of public, civil and industrial projects like airports and hangars, hotels and villas, transportation facilities, environmental facilities, sports facilities, steel-structured buildings and decoration, etc.
  • Road and bridge project
    We have in road and bridge, steel construction, housing venues, decoration and other strong projects on the basis of the work is also committed to the development of new areas such as environmental protection projects, and made remarkable achievements in engineering. The construction of Western Zambia Mongu to Tapo a 35 km long highway, including the large bridge across the Zambezi River, a total length of 1000 meters and 24 other bridges.
  • Railway Traffic Construction
    We can provide the railway, subway, light rail projects such as design, supply, system integration, construction, services, engineering contractor.