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President’s Message

Lai Weixuan


All enterprises follow the same presumption at the outset: businesses are sustainable forever. Yet, up to this day, none of us is sure whether there will be an enterprise that can really make it happen, for mankind currently cannot determine the end of time. Emerging from the Republic’s aviation industry decades ago, AVIC INTERNATIONAL has undergone restructuring and has been renamed and relocated several times. However, our original intention to “serve the country through the development of the aviation industry” has remained unchanged.

As with all enterprises, we cannot accurately predict the ultimate prospects of AVIC INTERNATIONAL. In the foreseeable future, however, we will always be dedicated to serving the aviation industry, constantly exploring the international market, seeking technological cooperation and sharing, and turning AVIC INTERNATIONAL into an excellent aviation manufacturer and service provider. Meanwhile, by continuing to promote technological innovation, business model innovation and management innovation in the advantageous fields of electronics, international businesses and the modern service industry, we will strive to maintain our leading position in the industry, create value for shareholders, provide the stage for our employees and pursue sustainable growth.

AVIC INTERNATIONAL’s mission is to “go beyond commerce for a better world”. While paying close attention to its own development, a great company will also be concerned about the fate and well-being of the country, the nation and the entire human race. As an international company, AVIC INTERNATIONAL is willing to join hands with all friends for a better world!