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Aviation Manufacturing Technology Services & Components Manufacturing Management Services

  • International Cooperation
    AVIC INTL plays a leading role in international aviation cooperation and is committed to build a collaborative trading platform providing total solution including integrated supply chain solution for customers home and abroad. AVIC INTL has been for years providing import services for major national and local aviation programs, participating in a variety of projects of international cooperation, technology introduction as well as joint development and production.
  • Aviation Subcontract Production
    Subcontract production service covers manufacturing and supply chain management for various types of aircraft structural parts, engine parts, airborne equipment parts and other products, and provides users with international procurement service for different raw materials, forging parts, standard parts and non-metallic materials.
  • Procurement of Equipment and Instruments
    As the main channel for procurement of the imported equipment and electronic components of the AVIC and centering on research and development, design, manufacture, test and trial flight of aviation products, we provide users with model selection consulting, project management, supplier management, risk control, equipment efficiency improvement and other life-cycle services by actively exerting advantages of the platform.
  • Navigation Engine
    Continental Motors, the world’s leading manufacturer of piston aviation gasoline/kerosene engines, provides services to the global general aviation market with its world-class sales and after-sales network. And it now has subsidiaries of Continental Motors, Inc., Technify Motors GmbH, Continental Motors Beijing Inc. and Continental Motors Service Inc., with major business operations in the US, Germany and China.
  • Aviation Automation Equipment
    ARITEX CADING, S.A. (ARITEX for short), founded in 1963, is the world’s first-class supplier of large aircraft and auto automation assembly service. With its specialization in design, manufacturing, integration and service of assembly lines, weld lines and related high-end machine tools and robot solutions, it has top core technologies in areas of precision robotics, virtual five-axis drill/riveting, high-performance flexible fixture and tooling, and composite precise positioning system.
  • Cabin Interior
    AIM Aviation Holdings Limited (AIM for short), created in the 1970s by merging a few British plants in aircraft business, is one of the world’s mainstream suppliers of cabin interiors. It is engaged in manufacturing of decorative cabinet, kitchen and composite, and has a subsidiary of Altitude, an interior design company in New Zealand.
  • AVIC INTL Industrial Park
    To achieve the transformation from traditional trading business to the integration of trade, industry and technology, we invested and established AVIC International Industrial Park, which has formed a comprehensive industrial park integrated with work, research and development, production, sales, training and meeting.