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Complete Equipment and Projects

  • Mobile hospital
    We help the government to bring medical equipment and medical services to remote and inaccessible areas for the benefit of local people. The mobile hospital system, is a cross-country truck chassis based, with different functions by which vehicle fleet, but the combination, expansion in remote areas within a short period of time, has established a classification of diagnosis and treatment of outpatient reception, and can provide inpatient services for hospital patients.
  • Vocational education
    We according to different customer needs, according to the specific conditions of different countries or regions, covering the areas of agriculture, food processing, electronics and electrical, medical, machinery etc. The occupation education center, improve the local youth employment ability through training. Help to enhance the stability of the society, improve the national financial revenue, enhance the reputation of the local government.
  • Energy EPC
    We cultivate large sets of projects of high-tech, high added value, and actively develop biomass power plant and other low-carbon environmentally friendly projects, including financing, provide the overall design, procurement, equipment integration, construction, installation and commissioning, customer service service and operations management solutions for customers, the business scope in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe and other regions.